MAY 20 2013
Posted by: RALPH

Bricks & Mortar & e-commerce

Our client Sarah Camp sent us this article about retailer Warby Parker and their new flagship store in Soho, NY. The study of bricks and mortar and ecommerce and their relationship in multi-channel marketing is fascinating and there is lots happening. Read the article HERE.

MAR 16 2012
Posted by: MARY ANN

An Eye For An Ear

I bet you didn’t know the ear is the best place on the body for accurately measuring vital signs and physical activity. We just designed and developed [in 4 weeks] a website and blog for Valencell—a developer of wearable physiological monitoring technology. You’ll want to keep your eye on this company and it’s president, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, because they are on the move!

FEB 3 2011
Posted by: RICK

Visionmark launches MV Fitness

In collaboration with MV fitness, Visionmark launched a new MV website. MV Fitness is Baltimore’s most elegant full service Health Club located in Historic Mount Vernon. In coordination with 2010's rebrand, MV wanted a streamlined website with a robust Content Management System that was easily editable by trainers and managers alike.

Branding, Websites
MAY 11 2011
Posted by: BRETT

Google Doodle!

"Google Doodles" are creative Google logos used to mark special dates or events, and they have been around since 1998. Lately, Google has been doing more frequent and more technically creative logos, including animations. Today's animated logo is honoring Martha Graham and her influence on the world of dance. The animation consists of a series of dancers that move in the shapes of the letters in the logo.