APR 20 2012
Posted by: RICK

How Do We Explode

Every once in a while, our clients will ask me how "the music thing" is going. There's always something going on...although most people can't participate in those behind-the-scenes activities. Well, that's not the case right now because the band I play drums in is getting ready to go on tour to support our new album "How Do We Explode." It's due for a full release on May 8th on Modern Hymnal Records out of Brooklyn, NY, but we're streaming it for free here: http://garybandthenotions.bandcamp.com/.

Here are some of our dates for the next few weeks. Come out and see it!

MAR 31 2011
Posted by: MARY ANN

Oh Baby!

Visionmark experienced tremendous growth during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Lindsey Stone, our project coordinator, delivered Samuel Wesley on December 8th. Little Sam decided to be like his Mom, always ahead of deadlines, and join the Visionmark family a month early. Meanwhile, Rick Bowman, our senior designer, had a concept of his own that took a bit more time on the development side. Cora Jane wanted to be sure she was in the spotlight too and joined the team on Christmas Eve!

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