FEB 20 2014
Posted by: ANDREW

A History of Olympic Logos

With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in full swing, the guys over at Shuffle Magazine put together a full visual history of every Olympics logo from the first games in 1896 to present. It's interesting to see how the visual language really changes from decade to decade. If you removed the dates from most of these, I bet we could still date each logo within 10 years.

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Design, Identity, Logo
MAY 22 2013
Posted by: RICK

The Alpher Center Logo

We had the pleasure of designing and re-branding the Metropolitan Area Craniofacial Pain Center. The new center is named after Dr. Elliott J. Alpher. Our take resembles an intertwining "A" and "C" (for Alpher Center) that form an organic star shape.

Dr. Alpher has limited his practice solely to the treatment of Craniofacial Pain (TMD/TMJ) Disorders, and the fabrication of oral appliances for sleep disorders. He is the Director of the Metropolitan Area Craniofacial Pain Center in the District of Columbia.

MAR 15 2012
Posted by: RICK

Visionmark Stationery Package

You may have already seen the tease on our homepage, but we have a new stationery package. The goal was to create a customizable package with a look that stands apart. It's hard to capture in photos, but our "Visionmark orange" is bright enough to guide a Boeing 737 safely to earth.

SEP 26 2010
Posted by: LINDSEY

New Classics

Visionmark recently created a new identity for New Classics by Sandy Spring Builders. New Classics is a custom system-built style of home that is "Green" certified and uses only the highest quality materials. Even with custom options, these homes can go from plans to furnished in as little as four months. New Classics wanted their identity to convey their environmental stance while maintaining a clean traditionalism. Built in upscale neighborhoods in Bethesda, Maryland, New Classics wanted to appeal to politicians and professionals new and old.