MAY 11 2011
Posted by: BRETT

Google Doodle!

"Google Doodles" are creative Google logos used to mark special dates or events, and they have been around since 1998. Lately, Google has been doing more frequent and more technically creative logos, including animations. Today's animated logo is honoring Martha Graham and her influence on the world of dance. The animation consists of a series of dancers that move in the shapes of the letters in the logo.

APR 7 2011
Posted by: RALPH

Feed Me Seymour

Remember the movie and Broadway show Little Shop of Horrors, about a nerdy florist shop worker Seymour who raises a vicious plant that feeds on human blood? My iPod has become the plant. As it sits on my desk its about 4 ft. tall and bellows down to me to feed it. Not blood, but music. I like to listen to the iPod when I am working out and driving in the car. I make new playlists, go back to older songs backed up on external drives but I need new music. Feed me, it bellows.

MAR 31 2011
Posted by: MARY ANN

Oh Baby!

Visionmark experienced tremendous growth during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Lindsey Stone, our project coordinator, delivered Samuel Wesley on December 8th. Little Sam decided to be like his Mom, always ahead of deadlines, and join the Visionmark family a month early. Meanwhile, Rick Bowman, our senior designer, had a concept of his own that took a bit more time on the development side. Cora Jane wanted to be sure she was in the spotlight too and joined the team on Christmas Eve!

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MAR 25 2011
Posted by: RALPH

Casino Night for Jeffy

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to design some posters and event tickets for an upcoming "Casino Night" fundraiser for Jeffy's Field. The poster series mixes the fun of casino games with a baseball twist and the event tickets are large format playing cards, each with our illustrated version of a baseball themed "Jeff" of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs.

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