APR 24 2014
Posted by: ANDREW

Avon Protection at the FDIC Trade Show

For the 2014 FDIC trade show at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, we worked with Avon Protection to develop trade show and exhibit pieces promoting their new DeltAir product line that really stole the show. From 25x25 foot banners to massive 90 foot long bridge graphics, we really helped Avon make an impact at the world’s largest firefighter training conference.

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JAN 12 2014
Posted by: RICK

PACE Worldwide Booth Display

We worked with Adler Display to create a 20' x 20' display for PACE Worldwide. The booth has five stations where users can test out their (highly technical) soldering technologies and x-ray scanners. Each station has its own icon that coordinates with the printed pieces we designed for PACE a couple of years back. Complete with storage, power and a moveable monitor, the PACE setup was a hit among its audience at the Apex show in Las Vegas.

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SEP 3 2013
Posted by: RICK

Interface Exhibit

The evolving photography and collage of James Dawe is quite inspiring. I have followed his work for a few years and he continues to re-invent himself. His newest portrait work is particularly stunning. Check it out.

James Dawe

JUN 25 2010
Posted by: RICK

Brickworld 2010

I am a sucker for anything made out of Legos, so when I saw this I was floored. The level of detail is heroic–and I don't see any custom pieces! It really takes me back to the days when ambition was only exceeded by imagination. Sure, it sounds poetic, but when you're 10 the world is your oyster! At Visionmark, we always try to be creative AND fun and I think this hits both on the head. It's also great to see adults and kids working together to create these monstrosities.

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