MAR 15 2012
Posted by: RICK

Visionmark Stationery Package

You may have already seen the tease on our homepage, but we have a new stationery package. The goal was to create a customizable package with a look that stands apart. It's hard to capture in photos, but our "Visionmark orange" is bright enough to guide a Boeing 737 safely to earth.

MAR 31 2011
Posted by: MARY ANN

Oh Baby!

Visionmark experienced tremendous growth during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Lindsey Stone, our project coordinator, delivered Samuel Wesley on December 8th. Little Sam decided to be like his Mom, always ahead of deadlines, and join the Visionmark family a month early. Meanwhile, Rick Bowman, our senior designer, had a concept of his own that took a bit more time on the development side. Cora Jane wanted to be sure she was in the spotlight too and joined the team on Christmas Eve!

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