OCT 28 2013
Posted by: RICK

InSource Internal Presentations

A few months back, we designed a special Powerpoint presentation for InSource Solutions. InSource is a workflow management solution and facility auditor. You know, sort of like "The Bobs" from Office Space? Meant to be quirky, fun and educational, the title and break pages are illustrated with a simplified iconic style. We presented other options as well, as this one was mostly for the fun of it. Turns out, they loved the idea! It really sets their management style apart from the other "Bobs" out there.

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JUN 5 2012
Posted by: MARY ANN

On The Road With Lax World

This past spring we gave the Lax World fleet of trucks and vans a fresh new look. These vehicles put on a lot of mileage over the summer months as they travel from tournament to tournament across the United States. The sides were used to feature both men's and women's gear/clothing. Keep your eye out for these colorful trucks—you just never know when you may see one.

MAR 16 2012
Posted by: MARY ANN

An Eye For An Ear

I bet you didn’t know the ear is the best place on the body for accurately measuring vital signs and physical activity. We just designed and developed [in 4 weeks] a website and blog for Valencell—a developer of wearable physiological monitoring technology. You’ll want to keep your eye on this company and it’s president, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, because they are on the move! www.valencell.com/blog

JAN 23 2012
Posted by: ANDREW

Skip Klein Photographs

In a world of stale corporate identities and mindless marketing campaigns, sometimes it's nice to see a logo with some personality. That's exactly what we set out to create when we designed a brand for Skip Klein Photographs, an up-and-coming local photographer. The idea was to create something unique, something that could take on the role of both logo and mascot. That's where "Tripod Man" – as our client affectionately named him – comes in.

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