NOV 7 2011
Posted by: ANDREW

Letterpress For the Rest of Us

We recently had some custom letterpress work done for a series of ads announcing BlueRidge Bank's new Towson branch. While most consumers think letterpress is reserved for fancy wedding invitations, it has been around for ages and was previously the most common way of producing high volume printing. Ever since more modern methods of printing swept the market, and more recently computers and digital printing, letterpress has taken a back seat in the printing world, but has seen a resurgence in a boutique setting. Printing companies are paying big money for vintage presses to add to their studios. And it's easy to see why; there's nothing like the feel of the imprint left by the press on a fine piece of paper. So why not capture that essence in an ad campaign for a newly opening bank branch? That was our thinking, anyway. Long live the letterpress.

Design, Print

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