MAY 16 2011
Posted by: LINDSEY

Best Browser for your IE6 Fix

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In an industry that lives and dies by technology, it’s ironic that IE6 has remained a popular choice for a significant number of clients despite the fact that Google no longer supports it. Since its launch in 2001, it has been derided for its lack of support for modern web standards and its monumental security issues. Here at Visionmark, we’d like to urge all IE6 users out there to make the switch to one of the following top five browsers on the market today, all of which are available for free download.

The Swiss Army Knife: Mozilla Firefox 4

In terms of practical speed, it competes with any other browser. It’s security features keep you as protected as possible on the Internet. Where it really shines, though, is in its reputation as the Swiss army knife of browsers. Firefox is equipped with more than 6,000 add-ons to boost your interactive experience to new heights.

The Cutting Edge: Google Chrome

As fast as Firefox with similar security, Chrome is a great browser that makes for a very nice web browsing experience. It's greatest strength however, is it's cutting edge technology and frequent updates. The engineers at Google are constantly integrating new technologies and leading the way for performance. Recently there have been some concerns about Chrome’s tracking of your history for use by marketers. In general, there haven’t been any serious security breaches. Chrome has plenty of features to enjoy: the ability to rearrange and duplicate tabs, the ability to drag tabs from the browser and make it into a new window, and due to each tab running independently, if one tab crashes, the whole window remains okay.

The Little Guy: Opera 11

Opera, though marginally slower and without ad-blocking power, uses far less resources than any other competitor and experiences rapid prototyping like Chrome. Though extremely customizable, it is sometimes not compatible with websites due to its smaller number of users as compared to other browsers. Opera has a small but faithful following, and continues to improve its features and support.

The Apple Browser: Safari 5

Originally available for only Mac users, Safari has expanded its client base and is a solid option based on its sleek design and easy-to-use operations. Its underlying engine, WebKit, was used as the basis for Chrome. It is extremely powerful and continues to lead the browsers in terms of standards compliance. It lacks the customizability, but if you are looking for that Apple touch on a reliable browser, than this is the browser for you.

New and Improved: Internet Explorer 9

IE9 has fixed many of it earlier problems and like Chrome runs tabs independently. While its performance still lags behind, Microsoft is starting to take pride in their browser once again. You can expect a much more reliable browsing experience, and start to get some of the newer features that the other browsers have had for a while.

Overall, any of these five choices give you a distinct advantage over IE6 and we would all be very happy to see it go the way of the dodo bird. For the user who is stuck with IE6, download Google Chrome Frame. This allows for you to experience Chrome's advantages within the framework of IE6.


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