MAY 11 2011
Posted by: BRETT

Google Doodle!

"Google Doodles" are creative Google logos used to mark special dates or events, and they have been around since 1998. Lately, Google has been doing more frequent and more technically creative logos, including animations. Today's animated logo is honoring Martha Graham and her influence on the world of dance. The animation consists of a series of dancers that move in the shapes of the letters in the logo.

What is most interesting about today's logo is how it is built. Instead of using a video, flash animation, or animated GIF, the logo has been created with a single image and series of blocks being controlled by javascript. Each has a different portion of the main image showing as its background. This is known as using an "image sprite" and is a CSS technique for improving website loading times.

Not only is this a creative use of CSS and Javascript, it is indicative of how far our browsers are advancing. This simple animation is done completely within the browser without sacrificing speed or quality, and without requiring an extra plugin (like flash) to view!

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