APR 7 2011
Posted by: RALPH

Feed Me Seymour

Remember the movie and Broadway show Little Shop of Horrors, about a nerdy florist shop worker Seymour who raises a vicious plant that feeds on human blood? My iPod has become the plant. As it sits on my desk its about 4 ft. tall and bellows down to me to feed it. Not blood, but music. I like to listen to the iPod when I am working out and driving in the car. I make new playlists, go back to older songs backed up on external drives but I need new music. Feed me, it bellows.

iTunes Genius and Ping are no longer enough. My daughter when she was 15 and 16 used to help me feed it but now she is 18 and sharing music with Dad (who is now Ralphie) is probably a little creepy. At Visionmark the back of the office is dedicated to young, talented, creative designers and artists, some even musicians but the new music doesn’t seem to make it up the hallway. So like the plant that craved blood, my iPod craves new music. Feed me Ralphie!

I don’t think this dilemma only exists on my iPod. Every morning I sit down at the iMac in our kitchen and look at CNN and the NYtimes online and other news sites. It seems like the stories I read yesterday have just been repackaged for today. I’m reading the same thing over and over again. I’m not getting more information, I’m getting the same information more times. CNN online has a talented staff of headline writers that are adept at rewriting 4 to 6 word headlines to draw you in to stories that seem new but are really days old.

It almost seems that our ability to access and process information is moving faster than what is actually new information. Feed me Seymour.


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