DEC 17 2013
Posted by: RICK

Holiday Lax World Catalogs

Time has come once again for our yearly Lax World catalog cover design. This year brought lots of changes in size and format for Men's and Women's lacrosse. The new, smaller size presented some new challenges, but we're very happy with the result. Surf over to to request your free copy of the catalog!

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OCT 28 2013
Posted by: RICK

InSource Internal Presentations

A few months back, we designed a special Powerpoint presentation for InSource Solutions. InSource is a workflow management solution and facility auditor. You know, sort of like "The Bobs" from Office Space? Meant to be quirky, fun and educational, the title and break pages are illustrated with a simplified iconic style. We presented other options as well, as this one was mostly for the fun of it. Turns out, they loved the idea! It really sets their management style apart from the other "Bobs" out there.

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SEP 9 2013
Posted by: ANDREW

The Art of Sign Painting

Check out this inspiring short documentary about the resurgence of the lost art of traditional sign painting from Starr Studios. While there are thousands of "retro" and "sign painter" fonts out now, along with computer-cut vinyl, nothing still beats the look and, more importantly, the personality of hand painted letters.

Click here for video

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SEP 3 2013
Posted by: RICK

Interface Exhibit

The evolving photography and collage of James Dawe is quite inspiring. I have followed his work for a few years and he continues to re-invent himself. His newest portrait work is particularly stunning. Check it out.

James Dawe

AUG 5 2013
Posted by: RALPH

Welcome Tess Bowman!

Congratulations to Rick, Karen and Cora on the birth of Tess, 7lbs. 4 oz.
Everyone is doing great.

MAY 22 2013
Posted by: RICK

The Alpher Center Logo

We had the pleasure of designing and re-branding the Metropolitan Area Craniofacial Pain Center. The new center is named after Dr. Elliott J. Alpher. Our take resembles an intertwining "A" and "C" (for Alpher Center) that form an organic star shape.

Dr. Alpher has limited his practice solely to the treatment of Craniofacial Pain (TMD/TMJ) Disorders, and the fabrication of oral appliances for sleep disorders. He is the Director of the Metropolitan Area Craniofacial Pain Center in the District of Columbia.

MAY 20 2013
Posted by: RALPH

Bricks & Mortar & e-commerce

Our client Sarah Camp sent us this article about retailer Warby Parker and their new flagship store in Soho, NY. The study of bricks and mortar and ecommerce and their relationship in multi-channel marketing is fascinating and there is lots happening. Read the article HERE.

APR 15 2013
Posted by: RALPH

Woof and Two 6 Foot Black Snakes

Just completed a video shoot with Woof Digital and our client Avon Protection Systems.
While shooting in an abandoned (but sanctioned) home we found 2 six foot black snakes!

MAR 27 2013
Posted by: RALPH

Photo Shoot for LuciteLux

Great shoot with Dean, David and Jennifer from Ray Studios, Andrew from Visionmark and Andrew from Cima Talent Management.
Great shots for exciting news to come from LuciteLux.

JUN 5 2012
Posted by: MARY ANN

On The Road With Lax World

This past spring we gave the Lax World fleet of trucks and vans a fresh new look. These vehicles put on a lot of mileage over the summer months as they travel from tournament to tournament across the United States. The sides were used to feature both men's and women's gear/clothing. Keep your eye out for these colorful trucks—you just never know when you may see one.