JUN 17 2014
Posted by: RICK

Lax World's Lot "O" Village at the NCAA Championships

If you were in Baltimore for the NCAA Lacrosse Championships and you were near a radio, you no doubt heard the ads for Lax World's Lot "O" Village. We teamed up with Lax World and Maverik Lacrosse to design web ads and truck graphics for the big Memorial Day weekend event. If you were already a follower of Lax World, you may have also gotten the email promoting Lot "O". Lax World's booth, in the Lot "O" parking lot near Ravens Stadium, had all kinds of awesome stuff to see and do. A shooting contest (complete with speed radar), prizes, MLL and Team USA player appearances and unreal discounts drew crowds across all three days.

Great weather, great turnout, and great competition all led up to a successful weekend! Congratulations to Lax World and to Duke, the 2014 NCAA Men's Champs.

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