DEC 20 2013
Posted by: RICK

LuciteLux in Architectural Record

To announce the winner of their first annual JUST IMAGINE AWARD, we teamed up with LuciteLux to place a spread ad in the latest issue of Architectural Record.

More about the winner: Utilizing more than 200 two-foot glowing LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP) triangles, Light at Play’s design for a domed dance environment has won the first JUST IMAGINE Awards from Lucite International. The Radiance Dome features LEDs configured around the LuciteLux® panels, which create a glowing appearance controlled and synchronized with music and movement. The Dome provided a 1,200 square-foot space for dance lessons during Burning Man 2013, the annual art event and temporary community in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

The JUST IMAGINE Awards celebrate designers from all industries who have embraced the uniqueness of creating designs with LuciteLux®.

Advertising, Design

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