JUN 29 2010
Posted by: MEGAN

Wild Wild WILD West

Being a creative agency, we love cities that value the arts and make them a priority in planning and designing community spaces in urban areas. I just returned from spending 5 days visiting a friend in Denver, CO, which I always thought was cool mainly because of all the great camping, hiking, biking, etc in the nearby Rocky Mountains. But between happy hours, Rockies games, and hiking trips, my friend showed me downtown Denver and I simply fell in love with the city's art and architecture.

In the Capitol Hill neighborhood, The Denver Art Museum (top) is a geometric masterpiece that reaches out to meet you from all angles. Unfortunately the museum was closed for a private opening of the King Tut exhibit when we visited, but I will definitely check it out on my next trip. A few blocks further downtown, the 16th Street Mall is a bustling outdoor pedestrian promenade where incredible architecture and funky sculpture fuse with efficient pedestrian walking areas and free transit shuttles. Enormous green planter pots overflow with vibrant yellow and purple flowers, and even the garbage cans are huge bulbous shapes painted electric blue. Around the corner, a gigantic blue bear playfully peeks into the sixth story of the Denver Convention Center (bottom; photo credit Firepile / Flickr Creative Commons). The whole downtown area reminds me of a Disney World of arts, theatre, entertainment and retail for adults - don't overlook it the next time you travel out west! Check out more arts and culture in Denver here.

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